Hello Everybody!

Very long time, no blog.

Yes I’m still in Abu Dhabi, and yes, generally things are going great. There are a few reasons why I haven’t been updating you all as frequently as I used to, which are:

  1. I’m SUPER busy nowadays. I spend more time out of my apartment that in it and in the evenings I’m usually too tired to write anything!
  2. Abu Dhabi is a very easy place to live in. Hence my adventures here aren’t as weird and wacky as they were in Indonesia or China. So I don’t have much news to report on a regular basis.

However, seeing as it’s been so long I thought it might be nice to give you somewhat of a synopsis of my life here.

The Good

  • The weather here is A-MAZ-ING. It’s always warm and sunny and it NEVER rains, apart from a few seconds of light drizzle every few months. We do have sandstorms now and again, but seeing as I have my very own eye shields (in the form of my glasses), they don’t bother me very much.
  • Most of the people living here aren’t U.A.E. nationals, so English is pretty much the main language spoken here. No language barrier=an easy life. I have managed to pick up some Arabic though 🙂 I actually really like the sound of it. Don’t ask me to read it though.
  • I have a routine now for my week days! It’s sooooo nice to finish work in the afternoon instead of starting.
  • You can find pretty much anything you need here. Food, clothes, indulgences, everything!
  • It’s incredibly safe here. Although I’m still not brave enough to drive.
  • I have a habitable apartment. Its actually very cosy 🙂
  • I’ve met some incredible people.
  • No tax. Yay!

The Challenges

  • Although generally I’m SO much happier in this school than my previous ones, the transition from working with small classes and teaching ESL to working in a ‘proper’ school has been difficult at times. Classes are bigger, kids come from all sorts of backgrounds and depending on the day/time/what lesson they’ve just come from they can be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed or whiny and mopey. Or smelly (I’m looking at you P.E.).
  • I’ve had to completely change the way I teach and organise my class. But I do love having my own classroom! Back in the day, if I had trouble with some students I only had to deal with them temporarily. Now I have to figure out ways to fix my issues (which, for the record, I’ve manged to do for the most part). Buy hey, if it was easy everyone would be doing it, right?
  • I can’t find BBQ Hula Hoops here and it’s really upsetting.

The Miscellaneous

  • The wealth here is dizzying. Seriously!! I had gold flakes in my coffee once!
  • I have serious car-envy most of the time.
  • Taxis usually just pull up alongside you when they see you.
  • Considering that we’re in the desert, there’s a lot of parks and green spaces around.
  • The in-thing here is what they call ‘brunch’. But it’s not actually brunch. They’re buffets that you go to, usually on a Friday. All you can eat and drink for about 4 or 5  hours. I’ve been in many happy food comas.
  • Yes you can buy pork here, but it’s really expensive.
  • I actually quite enjoy the Call to Prayer. It’s nice! And I can’t hear it in my building at 4 in the morning which is a delightful bonus.
  • Children have called me ‘Mom’ by accident on quite a few occassions.
  • If you come to the Emirates, get used to the smell of Oud-a traditional perfume here.
  • The designer shops usually have a sort of bouncer outside them who decides if you are rich enough to enter. I’ve never gotten an invitation 😦

So that’s a basic rundown of my life here right now! So far I’ve no regrets at all about moving here-it’s definitely been the easiest so far out of all the places I’ve lived!

I’ll hopefully give you guys another update in due course but until then,

Thanks for reading!





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